Things IBC Partners is doing...

Presently managing Operations, IT integration, and some Marketing for a consumer, medical and pharmaceutical products company, outsourced to us under a consulting agreement. Have several patents pending or under development in this field.

Social media marketing for a major European-based sporting goods company.

Web site development for a North American consumer products, medical, and pharmaceutical company.

Things IBC Partners has done...

Developed non-infringing, better than MILSPEC, chemical light manufacturing operations in China, utilizing proprietary, patent-pending, and non-infringing chemical technology, increasing our client’s competitiveness in the safety marketplace.

Managed purchasing and subcontracted manufacturing in China for the consumer product’s division of a robotics company; designed, contracted, and implemented software system to integrate MRP, external warehousing, forecasting, and sales; uncovered weaknesses in battery quality and shelf-life management leading to significant cost-avoidance actions.

Recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in past due accounts receivable and foreign tax credits for our client’s former shareholders, and supported various litigation efforts.

Managed insurance claims process for a consumer, medical and pharmaceutical products company after a devastating warehouse fire, recovering over $7MM.

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