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At IBC Partners, Inc. we believe in a framework for procedure that is flexible, logical, and through. We also know that we must value our clients time, money, and other resources as we do our own, insuring that both our efforts and recommendations strike the desired balance between efficiency and effectiveness.


Generally, if you were completely sure of the problems, you would already be focused on solutions! We start with symptoms – a clear definition of what is troubling you, whether it is what you know, what you don’t know, what is happening, what is not happening – or something you want but are not sure how to get. Along the way, we may discover others, but a clear, agreed- upon base of issues keeps efforts focused on our joint objectives.


At IBC Partners, we believe that effort based on insufficient understanding may be worse than no effort at all. We also understand that you don’t want to wait for – or pay for – busywork done just to ‘run up the clock!’ We will quickly present for your approval the approach, methodology, and resource requirements we expect for each phase of the effort, internally and externally, and if and when those requirements require modification, we will explain why, when, and at what cost and get your approval up front – no surprises after the fact.


Few problems today are simple, or are solvable within a single discipline – financial, logistical, human or technological. At IBC Partners, we will make recommendations where functions intersect, as well as where they separately focus. We also understand that changes within one department inevitably require support from or changes within others, and the critical, and often overlooked, need for buy-in from all concerned. Those who participate in solutions are most apt to support efforts to implement them, and we will leave behind us your team with a plan they will understand and believe in.

After all – our only success, is yours!

John Friedson

President, IBC Partners, Inc.

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