John Friedson

John Friedson is a former military commander, operational planner and logistician, with sixteen years of experience leading domestic and international commercial and manufacturing operations. He is a leader and team builder with a broad range of logistics, sales and management skills in manufacturing and distribution of defense, consumer, and commercial products.

As a consultant, he has rebuilt supply chain and MRP integration of the commercial division of a major robotics company, and managed the R&D, production, and IT operations of an offshore manufacturer.

In senior leadership roles for a $65M defense contractor and consumer products company, he led the growth of domestic and international operations to as many 1,500 employees and facilities in six countries. With experience in multi-plant manufacturing, national and international logistics, customer service, sales, financial controls, and forecasting, he offers the following qualifications:

  • Manufacturing and Operations Leadership
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Organizational Logistics and Financial Improvements
  • Restructuring and Value Creation

G. Martha Trujillo

Martha Trujillo is a certified CPA, Public Accountant from the Advanced Commercial Studies Institute in Mexico City. She has worked as an Auditor and Comptroller at the National Financial Bank of Mexico. Her international experience has extends to her work as an Accounting Specialist for the US Air Force Base in Spangdahlem, West Germany.

Martha also has managed contract-manufacturing operations and performed import/export and customer service functions between the El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.

She is a native Spanish speaker and fully bilingual. She is a certified medical interpreter and translator, and is a trained Spanish instructor for levels II-V.

Daniela Friedson-Trujillo

Daniela Friedson-Trujillo is a young, talented web designer, graphic designer and photo editor with advanced skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Dreamweaver. She can create professional, custom and unique designs to fit any company.

Additionally, Daniela has experience as a social media marketer and can utilize many different social networking sights and chat rooms to promote products and companies.

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